Algorave India: Third Anniversary Party

We have been away for too long and it’s time to change that. Presenting the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of Algorave India’s premier livecoding event Fat Finger Mayhem.

Join us for a live streamed Algorave with a lineup of artists covering a range of computational techniques.

EarthToAbigale Will open the event with her trademark vocals with Sonic-Pi

sandcobainer is going to show us how to stretch Foxdot patterns with machine learning algorithms that mutate and flutter with soothing chord changes

Ophelia Game will give us a visuals set with her shader magic

Pratyush’s is going to bring us beats and bloops from the modular magic of VCV rack

BeatNyk will conjure arcane musical structures in Orca

Myles and his Max/MSP manipulation will bring down IDM from the heyday of the scene

This will be a free live streamed event and will also broadcast at Mozilla Hubs in VR environment designed by Sound.Codes and Khoparzi

Watch it on YouTube

Experience it in VR at Mozilla Hubs