Generative Degenerate: Bengaluru Edition

Algorave – a word coined to give an identity to events that use open source code and hardware as an instrument/paintbrush to perform live in front of a diverse, inclusive and accepting audience. Algoraves are centred around creative coding tools where programming code is written and manipulated live in full view of the audience to produce sounds and visions to bend minds and jiggle behinds.

Generative Degenerate is a month long tour of Algorave India across multiple cities to celebrate the birth of the collective six years ago.

📅 - 25th May

⏰ - 4:30PM - 6:30 PM Live stream - 6:30 PM onwards live music mayhem

📍 - Online Stream and Kaushik’s Place + beatnyk will meet in an improvised performance where Ophelia game will explore lines, feedback and audio reactivity in Punctual while beatnyk will try his best not to crash the remote livecoding system the duo will play on, creating a noisy mayhem in an attempt to code earworming rhythms.

eardrummerman Will turn knobs inside a latent space to give us a live improv with AI models.

evarogla will interface Sonic Pi with a live violin performance. A Human-computer Jugalbandi with live visuals provided by Suraj Barthy working with Hydra and cinema4D.

MachineBlade Will be experimenting with glitching breakbeats in Chuck + touchdesigner, exploring machine learning tools in Chuck’s new AI library.

Screenseva Improvised live sound performance using prebuilt modular patches on VCV Rack

Roguentropy Will give us a sonic pi set paired with a flute.

prtysh will return to the Algorave India lineup with Heerdyes to give us a duo performance with a synthesizer virtual machine combined with vcvrack.

xyzzy Will give us a demo of a live coding tool of his own based on tracker notation

Khoparzi will bring in his usual improvised generative visuals tickled by chaotic algorithms meddling with signals and systems. Later the party will degenrate to livecoded footwork and bass music powered by TidalCycles.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Entry is limited and based on wether we can accomodate you in the space.

  2. Kaushik’s Place reserves the right to refuse admission/reject a visitor appearing to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or causing any kind of nuisance or otherwise behaving dangerously or inappropriately.

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