Generative Degenerate: Bombay Edition

Algorave – a word coined to give an identity to events that use open source code and hardware as an instrument/paintbrush to perform live in front of a diverse, inclusive and accepting audience. Algoraves are centred around creative coding tools where programming code is written and manipulated live in full view of the audience to produce sounds and visions to bend minds and jiggle behinds.

Generative Degenerate is a month long tour of Algorave India across multiple cities to celebrate the birth of the collective six years ago.

📅 - 10th May

⏰ - 7:30PM 🔛

📍 - Harkat Studios Get Directions

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Myles will click his mouse and clack a keyboard to make AV things happen with Max/MSP and TouchDesigner.

Sourya Sen returns to working with DIY code and electronics, performing an improvised set with a handheld AV synth of his own design, the N8IR.

PhilterSoup Brings a large dose of hardware along with a prototype synth with more than enough voltage to fire up every dancing shoe in your closet.

Spiralynk brings down his MAX/MSP based audio visual that focuses on changing electromagnetic fields detected, amplified and recorded with bespoke devices

Farah and Khoparzi will play with custom sound tools built in Reaktor and Max/MSP generating soundscapes with granular synthesis and machine learning algorithms tickled by repetitive envelopes, LFOs and pose estimation of movements across the space.


Farah Mulla is a multimedia artist based in Mumbai. With a background in science, her art practice investigates different media. Rather than being a formal exploration of sound and visual fields, her work renders the human bodies of visitors as a medium, as much as the electronic circuits and softwares she uses. Curious about sensation and perception processes, Farah uses sensorial interfaces in an attempt to deploy a language that gives form to intangible and varied materials. Her research and art practice explores the space in between sensory thresholds, where harmony isn’t present in the environment but fabricated by our cognition. Approaching the invisible agency of sound, light and time via diffractive modes of enquiry, she experiments with sensory overlaps, ambient ecologies and materiality through different texts, sounds, and circuits. Where the interface becomes a site that attributes the work its interactive affordance and form.

Myles provides custom software solutions ranging from interactive art installations to building devices that help musicians express themselves creatively. Growing up in India during the time when personal computers were making their ways into homes, Pereira was intrigued not only what they could do but also how they did it, this coupled along with a keen interest in music since the age of three made music technology a viable field of interest.

Sourya Sen is a Mumbai-based audiovisual artist and creative technologist who navigates the realms of music, visuals, and technology with a distinctive process-oriented approach.

His expansive portfolio encompasses both independent and collaborative music releases, audiovisual projects, installations, performance visuals, open-source projects, and a spectrum of music and audiovisual works. In a pivotal 2023, he released his debut album, In the Cities, was a OneBeat Virtual fellow and performed live at Magnetic Fields Festival.

Spiralynk is the brainchild of Ankit Malik, an interdisciplinary artist leveraging a multimodal approach to explore the intricate relationship between order and chaos. His creative inquiry spans algorithmic composition, brain-controlled interfaces, immersive audio, procedural audio, and transmission art, reflecting his versatility across various modalities. His journey has taken him across the globe, delivering live electronic music performances in the UK, Europe, and India, with a notable appearance at the Magnetic Fields Festival in 2022. Additionally, his compositions have set the stage in theatre productions from Cambridge to Prague and Kolkata.

Sanjay Das aka philterSoup, is a Mumbai-based artist whose creative spectrum spans across roles as an artist, producer, music-technologist, and media composer.

philterSoup’s various audio-visual explorations over the years have evolved into a distinctive tapestry of influences and collaborations, drawing acclaim from both international and Indian publications alike. In addition to his studio endeavours; including commissions for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Vice Media, Sanjay’s live performances have left indelible impressions, including notable appearances at NMACC and Magnetic Fields Festival last year. Sanjay also works as a music technologist specialising in interface design, DSP and physical computing.

Khoparzi is a multidisciplinary artist, and creative technologist from Allahabad, India who maintains a practice across film, video, music and web technologies. After cofounding Algorave India in 2018 Abhinay has been instigating computational arts events and communities all over the country and pushing the livecode scene in collaboration with artist collectives in various cities. Khoparzi performs with computational arts tools and has played experimental and dance music performances at Fat Finger Mayhem (Mumbai, 2018, 2019), ICLC (2019, 2020), Festival X Dubai (2022), ISMIR Conf (2022), JSConf India(2023), U-Oslo RITMO Rave (2020), Github Universe and Satellite (2020, 2021, 2022) and many more.