Generative Degenerate: Delhi Edition

Algorave โ€“ a word coined to give an identity to events that use open source code and hardware as an instrument/paintbrush to perform live in front of a diverse, inclusive and accepting audience. Algoraves are centred around creative coding tools where programming code is written and manipulated live in full view of the audience to produce sounds and visions to bend minds and jiggle behinds.

Generative Degenerate is a month long tour of Algorave India across multiple cities to celebrate the birth of the collective six years ago.

๐Ÿ“… - 18th May

โฐ - 7:00PM ๐Ÿ”›

๐Ÿ“ - Lilanoor Center for Voice and Music Get Directions

beatnyk will try his best not to crash his laptop while cycling around with TidalCycles, creating a noisy mayhem in an attempt to code earworming rhythms..

Weatherman will map the space with trippy visuals in response to the musical chaos using Touch Designer.

_rnd is going to be trying his hand at livecoding in punctual. He doesnโ€™t know anything about how to make music but will try to make weird and funky visuals.

Sameera will be debuting her live-coded musical performance on Sonic-Pi.

Tig3rbabu will be performing and live-coding in Sonic pi some electro-pop versions of classic tunes along with some originals from the vault.

Trophallaxis will serve up a brew of atmospheric acid, dub, and breaks in Tidal Cycles along with live tabla playing and epilepsy-inducing visuals in hydra. Can he do it all without growing extra arms? He doesnโ€™t know yet, only one way to find out - welcome to the 21st century cyberpunk darbar.

Khoparzi will bring in improvised generative visuals tickled by chaotic algorithms meddling with signals and systems.

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