Algorave India: Moondancing Sessions

Join us for a live streamed Algorave with a dramatically new lineup.

Illest Preacha from Canada will be mixing up rap/poetry along with his livecoded music in sonic pi, and visuals in hydra

Tig3rbabu from Mumbai will be playing back songs from his new album “Burnt Sienna is My Face”

Nanditi from Jaipur will bring out a musician that she’s been hiding for a while and show us that a closeted nerd can still rock a party

BeatNyk is a musician/dj from Chennai who will make sounds and call them music. Hopefully everyone will agree. We honestly believe he’ll make it go boom 👊🏽

This will be a live streamed event and will also broadcast at Mozilla UXR Hubs in VR enviroment designed by Sound.Codes and Khoparzi

Watch it on YouTube

Experience it in VR at UXR Hubs