Algorave | Cyberia Festival

Algorave | Cyberia Festival Generative music & visual performance 13th December, Friday | 8pm - 11pm Donor Pass: ₹500 |

Algorave is live generative music and visual performance that promotes programming as a performing art form. It is the representation of electronic music, based on an algorithm.

Most electronic music runs on a machine coded with an algorithm. The synchronicity between visuals and live coded music starts building up the atmosphere, altering our own perception towards the beauty of coding.

Performing Artists: substance_D, Khoparzi, and Tig3rbabu in collaboration with Nrtya Culture. Come be a part of the interactive music gig!

Algorave – a word coined to give an identity to events that have been pushed by experimental electronic musicians/artists all over the world. The idea – to use open source software development platforms as an instrument/paintbrush and performing live in front of a diverse, inclusive and accepting audience.

Algorave India is an attempt by local artists to bring creative coding to the forefront and blur the lines between, engineers, designers, musicians, and artists.

Cyberia is an immersive festival with art, technology and innovation. Come play with alternate realities in the digital age!

See you! #whatsTIFAupto

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