Generative Degenerate

Algorave – a word coined to give an identity to events that have been pushed by experimental electronic musicians/artists all over the world. The idea – to use open source software development platforms as an instrument/paintbrush and performing live in front of a diverse, inclusive and accepting audience.

Algorave India is an attempt by local artists to bring creative coding to the forefront and blur the lines between, engineers, designers, musicians, and artists.

Balancing the fine line between technical proficiency and showmanship, livecoders are both in their heads to understand the mathematics and logic of the specific platform they are playing through as well as be outside to connect with the environment and all the havoc that their code is causing. The centre of attention is always the pages and pages of source code that is projected on the large screens all around the performers. With the performer like a conductor of an orchestra of machines, with gesticulations in the form of programming code and algorithms.

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