Algorave India: Pune Edition

We promised you more Algoraves this year and now we are delivering. Adding to venues this month is the great TIFA Working Studios in Pune. We have the tried and tested lineup of Tig3rBabu, substance_D, Raia and Khoparzi that is joined by Sba0h0r0’s combination of theatre, tech, and body wrangling. Also welcoming back Tejaswi after his algorithmically controlled lights and visuals dressed up the first ever Algorave in India last year.

We are also inviting live/creative coding artists to come join us at the open jam. As always this is an all inclusive event that does not align with biases towards gender, age, race, or nationality or sexual and religious orientations.

PS: As a secret between you and us this event is also inclusive to the idea that ends with the letters O and B, so bring your poison and a couple of left feet

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