Introduction to Live-Coding Music in Strudel

For this workshop we will look at a tool called Strudel which is a Javascript port of a popular livecoding language called TidalCycles.

Strudel lets us explore audio and music concepts with the practice of livecoding where we write code and evaluate/run it on the fly, and modify it while it is still running. We will be programming with JavaScript, but instead of doing web development, we will synthesise sounds and sequence them with generative music techniques.

📅 - 19th May

⏰ - 4:00PM 🔛

📍 - Lilanoor Center for Voice and Music Get Directions

The plan is to avoid going deep into sound and programming concepts like chords, keys, timbre, for-while loops and control structures and instead get participants started with making sounds quickly using the inbuilt features of Strudel. We will explore effects, filters, scales, variables and constants, but the general idea is to get participants used to code and think algorithmically for music applications. We will also talk about Algoraves, generative composition and various paths students can explore in making sounds and applications of coding in the creative fields.

  • Introduction to livecoding
  • Making and manipulating sound
  • Sequencing and stacking multiple sounds with basic mini-notation concepts
  • Playing notes with various representations of notes, numbers and midi
  • Generative techniques like addition, subtraction, randomisation, conditions and control signals
  • Exploring scales and samples
  • Exploring audio and pattern effects
  • Music visualisation with Hydra

No software installation is required as Strudel runs in the browser and only needs an internet connection and a device that can produce sound. Headphones are encouraged so that participants can explore freely without bothering others.


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